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When I think about how I have predominately viewed health, I get pictures of bouncing energetic people running along esplanades holding bottles of water and looking like they are one with the world and unstoppable!

Thinking more about it, we are sold a series of images of what health looks like and then we are sold a myriad of products in order for us to reach those images.
In pursuit of being healthy, I have:

  • Been on several diets (actually a permanent but changing one from the age of 17/18 to my early 40’s).

  • Embarked on several fitness campaigns including boot camps (come rain hail or shine!), gym and running programs, walking, cycling, and bush walking.

  • Sought counselling and spiritual healing modalities for my inner health.

But to be quite frank, none of it really worked. Yes I lost weight, yes my fitness levels got high and yes I had moments of ‘inner-bliss’  - but it was always momentary, nothing ever really lasted.  As soon as I lost interest in the program/diet/modality, the weight crept back on, the fitness levels dropped and the anxiety returned.
It was not until I discovered Universal Medicine and Esoteric Women’s Health that my concept of health began to change and not surprisingly, so did my health begin to change.

​I began to understand that self-love and self-care are paramount alongside with self-responsibility. I discovered that how I was previously with my body, came from a feeling of not being enough and needing to fix myself. 

Through the presentations of Universal Medicine and Esoteric Women’s Health, I began to realise that we are everything before we do anything and that at the core of each and every person, is a delicate, divine and precious being. 
With that realisation, I started to take great care of myself and connected more and more to the whole of my body and less and less with just my head.  A practitioner once said to me, ‘you know when you are a kid at school and you get to take home the class pet on the weekend to look after it, and how you took such great care to keep it alive and cared for? Well start taking care of yourself that way’.
With this, the weight dropped away (over 15 kilos), I learnt to exercise and strengthen my body in a way that supports it (mostly gently) and with the support of Universal Medicine modalities, the anxiety lessened and I am working towards it not being present at all.


These days I am choosing more and to listen to my whole body and tune into the signals it shares with me – as opposed to just listening to my head!

My relationship with the word health has changed and it feels like it comes from within, a natural desire to take great care of myself so I can be much more of who I am in this world.

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