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Women in Livingness (WIL) Workshops ​held across Australia in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and webcasted worldwide, offer a space to explore current issues and an opportunity to re-connect, and re-found what it is to live as the true woman within a society that demands all else.


Beginning in 2014, these events are organised and presented by women who represent an aspect of life in The Livingness, be it; body image, self-worth, relationships, empowerment and more.


Our presenters are inspired to share their learnings, growth and wisdom with other women and how they have come to be a woman in The Livingness.

Each workshop has a theme that offers women the understandings and simple practical tools to reconnect and develop true health and well-being. The themes that have been presented in past workshops include; Self-worth, Being True to Ourselves as Women, Exhaustion, Relationships, Empowerment and Well-Being 

The Livingness essentially describes a way of living life whereby a woman feels content to be who she truly is, and thus, can forge a way through the usual pressures, demands, ideals, beliefs and restrictions without it having to be at the expense of her body and her health. 


Every workshop brings dynamic insight and practical sharing from each presenters' experiences and wisdom for women to be inspired by and learn from each other. 

Understanding Self-Worth - WIL Workshop July 2018
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