At the heart of Esoteric Women’s Health
is the knowing that every woman regardless of age, background, culture, religion, life experiences, choices, or any other external differences, there is an innate quality that resides equally within us all. 

In a world where roles and expectations on women, such as being a ‘good’ mother or daughter, a good worker and student, leading a successful career, and acquiring the perfect body to name but a few, we have lost sight of our inner-most connection to who we truly are. Consequently, such roles and societal expectations are what define us – but the end result is that they leave us unfulfilled and unsettled within ourselves.


Esoteric Women’s Health is a globally active community of women, men, complementary health practitioners, allied health professionals and many more, who are all unified in response to addressing the current state of Women’s Health and redefining what we deem to be true and wholesome well-being.

We are dedicated to offering services, events and products that provide the opportunity to return to living in ways that allow women to honour their body and innate stillness whilst keeping up with their many commitments and demands. Put simply – there is a way to do it all that does not need to be at the expense of your body and its health.

From a true foundation, self-caring lifestyle choices can be made and sustained which offer the opportunity to restore real and sustainable health and well-being for women.

Listen to the founding director, Natalie Benhayon, share more on what Esoteric Women's Health is about, in the below audio:

Our philosophy is grounded in the knowing that:


  • Within each and every woman resides the answers for her own development and healing

  • Lifestyle choices and how we live are key to understanding and revolutionising our state of health and wellbeing


Each of these principles are fundamental to instigating change that is true and sustainable. 


Women today are ensured by the lifestyle of the ‘modern woman’; the busyness, the drive, the expectations to perform, to be sexy and attractive but also a feminist, to have it all together, to not be weak, to be there for the family, to nurture, to support, to fight for equality … and perhaps somewhere after all of that, to have a cup of tea for yourself.

Indeed, upon us is a call for a revolution, but one that does not fight against what is currently not working. Rather, it is one that will seek to correct the declining direction of our health statistics and restore us to a way of living that places the quality of who we are and the quality of our whole being as the forerunner of daily life. 


True progress is a measure of the deepening of a woman
- into her Sacredness, her Beauty and her Wisdom. 

Without regrets or comparisons we should inspire each others' deepening at every age.

~ By Natalie Benhayon

Esoteric Women’s Health, inspired by the work of Universal Medicine, was founded by Natalie Benhayon in 2013. The company is made up of 380+ women who have been equally inspired by this work and by the real depths of change they have experienced in their way of living by deepening self-care, self-love and more.


They all dedicate their time and skills as volunteers for Esoteric Women's Health, so that other women around the globe can be inspired to discover the same for themselves.



How many of us struggle to place value in what is innately true and important to us; over and above the otherwise desire for acceptance, recognition and seeming love and attention from those around us?


We have all been there... And, it is not a “teenage” phase we leave behind us. 

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The Women in Livingness team collaborate for this magazine to deliver content with integrity, content that communicates to women that innately they are complete and not broken, content that establishes a new way of education for women and men; that we get to the heart of our health and well-being and to the heart of how to live who we really are.


We’ve discarded the use of the unrealistic Photoshop adjustments, and the team of writers, models, photographers and designers are diverse in covering a wide spectrum of professional careers, life experience and reside in 9 different countries, making Women in Livingness a truly international Magazine.



How many of us struggle to place value in what is innately true and important to us; over and above the otherwise desire for acceptance, recognition and seeming love and attention from those around us?


We have all been there... And, it is not a “teenage” phase we leave behind us. 


These Workshops bring dynamic insight and practical sharing from various presenters' experiences and wisdom in a forum for women to be inspired by and learn from each other. 

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These powerful presentations are held throughout the world and offer a wealth of insight, inspiration and practical take-home tools for women to embrace as part of their health and well-being.

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We have a connected network of complementary therapists around the world providing esoteric therapies and other supportive health and well-being services.

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​Esoteric Women’s Health was inspired by, made possible by, and is based on the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

© Natalie Benhayon 2013 unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved.

DISCLAIMER:  The material on this website is based upon the principles of The Ageless Wisdom which offers an energetic understanding of life. Any references to science are references to energetic science as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, and not to evidence-based science in mankind’s modern era. Any references to specific aspects of Medicine are to illustrate the relevance of energetic wisdom, as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, in the interplay of bodily illness and disease rather than contradicting the current theories of disease causation or in any way to replace epidemiology. The principles conveyed on this website are philosophical and religious, and thus are not verified within the evidence-based rationales and critical appraisal process of evidence-based science including CONSORT2010 compliant double blind randomised controlled trials. The presentations and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine do not diagnose, treat, prevent or offer any therapeutic cure to any disease or illness; they are complementary-to-medicine and never a replacement of or alternative to conventional medicine. If you have any question or concern about the cause, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease or illness, you should consult a registered medical practitioner.