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When life is lived from the Essence of who you truly are, health and well-being are no longer tick-box goals or achievements, but a way of life​ that is
all-encompassing of every part of you.

~ Natalie Benhayon, Founder






The inspired philosophy of ‘Health from Within’ is founded upon that basis that our inner-most essence is our true and defining marker to know our own health, our well-being and all that our healing plan is to be. This inner-most essence which resides within every woman (and man), is what restores true love and care to the body.

Living Health from Within embraces the fact that true health permeates every aspect of our lives - how we are at work and home, in our relationships, with our family, in our social circles, and with our bodies. The essence looks at our life as one whole - not separated into different parts.

This at first seems like a revolutionary concept; to shift away from “health” being an exercise in ticking the boxes of eating healthily, checking for breast lumps, and exercising regularly or simply avoiding getting sick. But true health, and our knowing of how it is to feel truly well is innate and natural, and it goes far deeper than those boxes. With the rising statistics of chronic and acute diseases that are affecting woman globally, we need to look and ask for more.

Put simply - our definition of health needs to change and restored to encompass all aspects
of our lives. This is a key principle of Health from Within.

Currently, we have the more typical narrow focus that health is something that "we do", that can be medicated or purchased, and that ultimately, we may live however we like (usually at the expense of our body) and then “get fixed” when that lifestyle runs us down. But when did this idea arise that health is a doing-fix-it-job, something that comes exclusively from outside of us? Or that illness happens to us, rather than each of us developing our own natural sense of balanced health?

Health from Within explores this topic and much more. It is for every woman to claim her bodily wisdom, her essence and hence her own true health.

Listen to the founding director of Esoteric Women’s Health, Natalie Benhayon, present her wisdom about what is Health From Within...


Global statistics are indicating a deterioration in women's health and well-being. What's happening around the world and what implications is this having on us women? What trends are working? and which one's aren't?

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Inspirational stories and insights from women around the world sharing how they have come to reignite their understanding of 'health' and all that it means in their life to be truly well.

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