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Natalie Benhayon is the founder of Esoteric Women’s Health and leads a globally active community of women and men, through the many initiatives that promote, educate and inspire women of all ages to restore self-worth, and the important value of their health and well-being.


When a woman is unencumbered by the demands of society she lets herself be, and she returns to her natural nurturing ways 


~ Serge Benhayon, Founder of Universal Medicine

At the heart of Esoteric Women’s Health is the knowing that every woman regardless of age, background, culture, religion, life experiences, choices, or any other external differences, there is an innate quality that resides equally within us all. 


In a world where roles and expectations of women include being a ‘good’ mother or daughter, a 'good' worker and student, leading a successful career, and acquiring the perfect body, to name but a few, we have lost sight of our inner-most connection to who we truly are, and consequently such roles and societal expectations are what define us – but the end result is that they leave us unfulfilled and unsettled within ourselves.


The inspiration to establish Esoteric Women’s Health came from its founding director, Natalie Benhayon. Already a highly sought after international practitioner and App creator at the age of 23, Natalie would see in clinic time and time again that the issues and concerns fundamentally affecting women had roots in the discontentment with life’s demands (and promises) and in the disconnection from who they are as women. Thus began the response to develop Esoteric Women’s Health – Health from Within, to offer the right space, support and environment, so that this re-connection could occur naturally and simply, reminding women that what they truly seek is not found outside of themselves but rather from exploring what is deeper within.

Natalie was later joined as a Director by Serryn O’Regan, a senior lawyer with many years of corporate experience, leading national and international projects. Having been the Director of the Worldwide Program at an international charitable institution based in Washington DC, Serryn forged valued partnerships and worked closely with the United Nations and other global bodies, as well as coordinating a network of 10,000 groups in 190 countries. In all her years of experience she has become renowned for her genuine nature and care for the true welfare and health of all people.


Natalie and Serryn bring a wealth of wisdom, experience and dedication to Esoteric Women’s Health and its initiatives that advocate for women’s true well-being, ensuring that they ‘walk their talk’ to deliver the authenticity and realness Esoteric Women's Health is known for.

Every woman who contributes to Esoteric Women’s Health has her own unique and amazing story to tell.

Amongst us we have a cross-sectional experience of many diseases and ailments that affect women today, from cancer, to gynaecological complications, exhaustion, eating disorders, low self-esteem and body-image, lack of self-worth, self-harm and more. Some of us are mothers, grandmothers, some of us are single, married and others amongst us are divorced. We come from different backgrounds, different cultures and our age groups vary enormously. But regardless of these apparent outside differences, we all now have a strong experiential reference point within our bodies that has inspired and supported us to make the transition to true lifestyle choices resulting in many changes, all of which remind us that it is the inner-most quality of ourselves that we sorely miss, and that essentially makes us all the same.

It is this knowing that unites us and from our experiences we are inspired to come together and bring the many services, programs, events and products delivered by Esoteric Women’s Health.

The connection to our inner-most quality, our essence, is rarely talked about with the importance it deserves in the world today and women’s bodies are suffering as a result. Gynaecological diseases such as breast cancer continue to rise, with almost 1.7 million new cases affecting women globally every year. Eating disorder cases have doubled in the past decade as self-esteem amongst women and young girls continues to spiral as we let ourselves be bombarded with images of what we ‘ought to be’ and look like from the multitudes of today’s media channels. Cutting and self-harm amongst young girls is on the rise, as is alcohol and drug abuse. Stress amongst women is rife; so much so, that nobody bats an eyelid – it is now regarded as the normal and expected way to be… And this is only a minor snapshot of the many other forms of illness, disease and the general discontentment that is palpable for many, which we all at Esoteric Women’s Health stay aware of and real about so that we understand the issues affecting women’s deep sense of well-being or lack thereof, the world over.

Amidst this enormous onslaught on women’s health and well-being, the many women who come together under Esoteric Women’s Health have re-discovered, without perfection, a very different and natural way to live that is deeply respectful of themselves and their female bodies. With this steady inner foundation, society’s pressure and demands no longer have such a strong stranglehold. Instead what society receives is the real woman, living from her true essence, and this inspires everyone else to re-connect to who they are as well.

A Global Community...



Our sister intiative of Women in Livingness hosts workshops that are engaging, educational, inspiring and an open forum that offers the space to explore the current issues that are impacting women's health and well-being and to re-establish a way of living that supports the development of true well-being.



What does it mean to be intimate? We can often relate the term to being sexual or close with a partner or someone we are in relationship with. But is there more to intimacy than the physicality and close-ness we have with another? Is it more about how we are with people and what if it all starts with how we are with ourselves?


These Workshops bring dynamic insight and practical sharing from various presenters' experiences and wisdom in a forum for women to be inspired by and learn from each other. 

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These powerful presentations are held throughout the world and offer a wealth of insight, inspiration and practical take-home tools for women to embrace as part of their health and well-being.

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We have a connected network of complementary therapists around the world providing esoteric therapies and other supportive health and well-being services.

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