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Health from within is to live by what I know is true, to listen to my inner voice and not push it aside, mute it or completely ignore it.
Health from within is no mystery, and it is also not something that, once I have connected to it, will forever just be there. It is a daily and moment-to-moment commitment to make a choice to stay connected with me and my body, so I can move and be in accordance to how my body truly wants to move and be.
Health from within comes from my daily choices that honour the rhythm of my body and the keenness to forever deepen my connection with myself. There is no rule of what to do and how to be, as it is a very personal affair with oneself. 

For me, at the moment, health from within is as simple as:

  • Saying good bye when the time has come for me to leave the party, no matter what time it is or how long the event is going on for.


  • To connect with everyone I meet and express what I feel to express and not let unspoken rules of society dictate my way of being.


  • To allow myself to stop and take a moment when answering a question where I am expected to say a certain thing, but feel to say something differently, so as to not get caught up in the vibe of things.


  • To observe, particularly myself, without judgment, and through this observation I am able to simply see how I am, where things are flowing easily and where it is more difficult to stay with myself.


  • To communicate in full how I see the world and not to hold back because others see it differently.


  • To pay extra attention to myself when I am not feeling well, physically or emotionally.

This list can go on and this is the beauty about health from within; it is simply about tuning in and listening to ourselves, and through this by being committed and dedicated to ourselves, a whole new world unfolds in front of us every day.
Health from within is a well we can draw from in every moment and it never ceases.

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