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Health from within has opened up for me the possibilities about what it means to truly live as a Woman -  with a capital W.

I had had a lifetime of living in push and drive, always striving to prove how competent I was, how I could keep up mentally and physically with men, how I could excel in whatever I had chosen to do. This exhausted my body and had me living many steps removed from who I truly am as a woman.
By starting to consider just the concept that there was a way to live that could be impulsed from within me, a way that is deeply honouring of my womanly  physical body and of my own innate tenderness and self nurturing qualities, I began the process of reclaiming who I am naturally and truly.

​The hard and super competent woman was a head trick supported by shoulder pads – not me at all.


The real me, that I connect with through stillness when I stop and listen to the often gentle murmurings of my body, is incredibly feminine, light, delicate and honouring of myself and of all others. 

The real me takes time to look after myself by eating only nourishing foods that my body recognises as being supportive of me. 

The real me does not rush - I take my time because I have felt in my body how rushing alters my breathing, forcing my breath into an unpleasant, shallow, rapid pace, which foreshadows the emergence of emotions like frustration and stress. My natural breath is cool on the inhale and feels yummily warm on the out breath – breathing becomes one of the joys of me in connection with me.

Allowing my health to be impulsed from within means I am open and loving almost all of the time to almost all people – I know I’m not perfect! 

This lack of perfection does not bother me because my innermost impulses allow me to feel how gorgeous I am as I relearn to connect with the true me that is naturally full of these beautiful qualities. It also supports me to feel these same qualities in others in what becomes a mutually confirming relationship – the days of competition are gone. 

Health from Within for me is about rebuilding myself from the inside out and it is a magnificent, joyful process that I embrace warmly every day. It allows me to walk as the deeply feminine Woman I am, truly sexy, open, gorgeous and full of Love.​

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