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The Women in Livingness Blog site explores the possibility that there is actually a great power in being tender, and a great strength in being delicate.  That there is a way to live that is deeply honouring of the body; that there is a way of being in the world that need not constantly exhaust or expend us. It examines the possibility that there is a self-nurturing rhythm that is natural to us and that we can choose to know and live by. 


It shares hundreds of articles from women around the world who are imperfectly exploring how to be the modern woman that is not simply a 'product of a society' but firstly defined by her own true nature.

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'Modern Woman' - a product of Society of her own true nature?

In an era that boasts more equality and advances for women than at any other time in history (at least in some parts of the world), we now have a great opportunity to see deeply the true effect of a woman at her fullest and loveliest in the home and in society. And yet in reality we find ourselves still very much lacking in some advances and indeed in some ways the ‘equality’ we have fought hard to win has actually created greater and new complications. Many of us are finding that we are big time multi-tasking under the demands of a society that now expects us to be the super-mum-career-woman-great-daughter-athlete-sex-kitten combo rolled into one. It has become fairly standard for us to be generally racy, anxious, driven, deeply lacking in self-confidence or simply managing life as best we can. Many women care for all those around them but stop short of truly caring for and nurturing themselves. And how many of us know how to make ourselves look ‘pretty’ but do not truly and deeply feel a sense of our own beauty?


But what would ‘living as a woman’ look like in today’s society if we were to first develop a deeply tender and nurturing relationship with our bodies and ourselves?



Visit our WIL Blog website, and explore the many personal sharings from women around the world who are exploring the day to day of what it means to live true to yourself as a woman.

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