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omen... What's Trending?


We all follow trends at some time in our lives, but have we ever really stopped to consider what effect these trends are having on our health & well-being?

From the must have clothes that we wear to the food we consume, from cosmetically enhanced body re shaping to the latest must do exercise regimen, trends and the latest fads govern so many aspects of our lives.

And what of ill-trends globally? Do we ever stop and consider that we are surrounded and bombarded by trends at every turn – so much so, that we rarely pay them much attention or look closely at how they are affecting us as individuals or collectively and instead accept the ‘new norm’ as the trending wave sweeps through.

Our writers review the nature and impacts of some of these trends and open the discussion for us to explore what’s supporting us and what’s not as women.


Esoteric Women's Health columnist Coleen Hensey explores the stats on the increasing consumption of pharmaceuticals and over the counter medications, and asks the question could they actually be taking us away from knowing what really ails us?

“Soldier on, soldier on….” were the lyrics to a catchy marching tune, which accompanied a TV advertisement for a well known cold and flu remedy back in the 70’s.  In other words, take the pills and carry on with life as normal because there is no time to stop and look after yourself.   However, is this really supporting our health?


We all, consciously or not, follow a variety of trends in our lives, whether it be the clothes we wear to express ourselves, our preferred diet or exercise regimen, the car we drive, where we holiday or where we choose to live. However, trends are based on two qualitatively different sources of energy - mental energy or heart energy. 

​Most trends based on mental energy are actually harmful so it is crucial for us as women to discern those trends that truly support us and those which undermine our health if we are committed to living health from within.


Right now, there is an unprecedented and historical global epidemic of thyroid disease, the majority of which is occurring in women. 

​With between 165-170 million women experiencing thyroid disease, Dr Fiona Canavan asks the question - is there something about the way we live and express, particularly as women, that is stopping our thyroids from balancing and tuning the energy systems of our bodies?


Consultant General Surgeon, Dr Eunice Minford shares with us that recently a paper published in The Lancet, a well-known leading medical journal, claimed that 95% of the world’s population have an illness, disease or condition of some kind, with over a third having more than five conditions.​


This is a SHOCKING statistic – one that should call us to investigate, question, study and question some more, what is really going on? How come we live in a world where the vast majority of people are sick?

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