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Founded by Natalie Benhayon in 2013, Sacred Movement is a movement therapy that can support women to release the insidious imposts of lack of self-worth and, self-loathing of the body, whilst experiencing a deeper re-connection to the true and innate quality that unifies all women - the Sacredness within. 

Many women find it to be a great motivational support to make changes which are more nourishing and loving towards oneself, and one’s own body, and enjoy a greater sense of empowerment.


The principle essence of sacredness, which is in the core of our being, is that it cannot be tampered with or polluted by any outside force or incident. It represents our direct connection to the essence of love we truly are, and as we clear the layers of energies, emotions and memories which have interfered with us having access to it, the Sacredness comes alive again.


Sacred Movement can reignite the joy a woman can feel in her body at any age, without the usual judgements of not fitting in to society’s standards. 

Sacred Movement Music

Custom designed music has been produced by Michael Benhayon of GM Records to support participants practicing the techniques in this specific movement therapy .


To purchase visit the GM Records Store online:

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What is Sacred Movement?

In 2013, Natalie Benhayon was approached by a group of elder women known previously to her via Esoteric Women’s Health Groups, who wanted to explore a deeper relationship with their body through movement. The women requested with Natalie's guidance the opportunity to develop a new style of movement with ancient origins.


From the outset Natalie was well aware of the many other styles of ‘dance’ that advertise to evoke feminine connection, inner-beauty, sacredness and so on. There was an understanding that this would be a step-by-step development that does not associate with any other styles, and then by its own merits be ‘put to the test’ if it would, or would not, assist women with a deeper connection to their Sacredness within.


Over a six week period, this group met with Natalie weekly and she introduced the new movements. Each week allowed for the gradual deconstructing of body tension, hardening or areas in the body to come alive again that had until that point been long ignored (remembering this was a group of elder women!). This healing process as the women themselves reported, unveiled so much of what had been subscribed to – beliefs and expectations – and thus what had otherwise been disconnected from – a true ease, beauty, sexy-ness, grace and wisdom within. Needless to say, the women reported enormous changes both internally and externally for their bodies, as well as in their confidence, and of the intimacy in their relationships.


Since then, Sacred Movement has become a well renowned healing therapy for women and men, and is being practiced and enjoyed all over the world.

How it all began ...


Sacredness for Women should never be a mystical concept, it is an innate quality that resides within all equally, and can be lived and expressed without hindrance... even in our modern-life and fast-paced society.

~ By Natalie Benhayon

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Esoteric Women's Health shares a wide network of practitioners who provide support to women and a re-sparking of the inner-knowing that enlivens Health from Within.

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