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Megan on Health from Within

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Five years ago when I was living in London, I was overweight, emotionally miserable, drinking heavily to escape the emptiness and pain I felt inside, and engaged regularly in emotional drama to distract my way through life. Despite outward appearances that I was holding it all together, my body was the barometer of what was really going on.

However, I wasn’t quite ready to address all that my body was sharing.

I decided to move home to Australia and start a new life – I felt going home might make me happy. But alas, once I had moved I still felt empty and sad except now the sadness had escalated. I considered heading to rehab for my drinking and often fantasised about quitting work, selling my property and living with my parents where I could hide from life and how I felt. 

​It was at this time that I came across Esoteric Woman’s Health and the Women in Livingness workshops. To say that the wisdom, guidance and support I have received from these workshops has simply been worthwhile is a complete understatement. It has completely changed the way that I look at life and how I regard myself. I have come to understand that true health comes first from within, in building a deep and loving connection with myself, and letting this guide all of my choices.   

It can be a process to peel back the layers we have all used to cover this innate connection, but the changes that come from slowly, and with no perfection, delayering and building this connection are profound. You find that relationships improve, you feel freer in yourself and new opportunities you never imagined possible seem to fall into your lap. 

It’s an incredibly enriching way to live when you allow yourself to connect to the loveliness within you and let go of the reins of control to let life unfold without pictures or expectations. It’s an ever evolving process and there is always another layer presenting itself to peel away, but I can’t imagine living my life any other way now. 

​The upside is I am now lighter in my body and within myself having lost over 20kg and freeing myself of depression and anxiety. I am the happiest and most content with myself as a woman that I have ever been. I exercise regularly and eat nourishing food. I also gave up sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol in order to support my body in this process. 

​Looking at the way you live is sometimes hard but I continue to commit to looking within myself and unfolding more of the real and true me every day. The feeling I get when I’ve truly let the next layer go and I feel my heart expand is worth everything. This is what living Health from Within really means to me. ​


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