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Women in our world..

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Written By Rachael Evans, Bookkeeping Specialist, Dip Financial Planning, Australia  

When we talk about ‘heath’ and ‘well-being’ what are we really talking about?


Having a normal menstrual cycle?

Not having Breast Cancer?

Carrying a healthy weight for your body type?

Eating sugar and drinking alcohol in moderation?

Exercising once a day for at least 30 minutes and doing a Yoga class each week while juice fasting for 3 days?

And whilst the list goes on and on with all the programs, diets, fads and fails of the health industries available to us, women are still getting sick – but why? Why are we still getting Breast Cancer? Why are girls and women still suffering from Endometriosis? Exhaustion? Loss of periods? …and so much more?

If we take an honest look at the state of health in majority of women on a global scale it’s confronting and very obvious that we are not doing so great. Take that macro back to the micro for proof - as many women will know of, be close to or have a loved one that has been affected by Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Thyroid issues and or any of the other women related illnesses. Is it not a fact that we all know of at least one other woman that have (unfortunately) gone through the painstaking healing process, or passed away or accepted a symptomatic and medicated life living with an illness of this kind?

You get the point – women are not well. However, being well and well-being are more than just eating in moderation and staying out of hospital. What we are seeing is that women are not well physically, but before that occurs women are not well within themselves. Are women getting out of bed in the morning enjoying who they are, loving how they feel about themselves and looking forward to bringing that feeling to all they meet throughout the day? Or are they waking up already thinking, planning, avoiding, contemplating and agonising over what they have to face and who they have to be? Even though for some a diagnosed disease may not be present in this everyday example, the latter does not sound like a well woman!

What if before any of the physical symptoms start kicking in and making noise there is an un-ease and a disconnection away from the steadfast quality and stillness within? It’s quite well known and has been for some time that stress can cause havoc with our menstrual cycle, our weight, what we eat and drink and our energy levels and moods. But what is the stress about and what happens before we go into stress? What are we trying to be and who are we trying to be that for? What if women have let go of the very thing that makes them a woman in the otherwise pursuit of a role and striving to be something for others?

There is something that we are not told enough, that is not felt enough within and something that we do not tell ourselves any where near enough… and that simply is that we are enough.

This is not a cure or a diagnosis of any women related health conditions, it’s an honest look at why we are the way we are. Esoteric Women’s Heath is presents the way to understanding and supporting women to know themselves on a level where we still do all the million and one things we do, but we do it with the understanding that the role, the task, the success or the failure does not shape who we are as women. What shapes and defines us is our inner connection to a quality of being.

Think about it -- if a woman stripped back all that she does– the mother, teacher, aunty, wife, daughter etc. she would be left with what she is. Or more accurately, who she is. And this is a process of discovery in itself. A process of peeling back the layers, asking for support, expressing what we feel, knowing we are not perfect but still giving it a go, giving YOU a chance to know YOU from the inside out.

Sure, there is always space for diet refinement, exercise and body weight goals. But the difference is that when these choices are actually coming from a connection to the body and the true woman within, it is a very different experience to striving to fit a picture of perfect health and well-being.


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